No Sleeping

Last night Zoie-Lynne woke up at 9:30pm, it was feeding time. But she didn’t go to bed until 4:30 this morning!!

I feed her four different occasions, she’d latch then pull herself off. But she’d eat her hands & lick her lips. James warmed up a bottle she didn’t eat it.

Every time she’d go to the bathroom we’d change her diaper, so she didn’t sit in it.

We tried swaddling her, not swaddling her. Holding her, cuddling with her, laying on our chests, laying her next to us. Nightlight on & off.

Seriously this kid just kept fussing and then screaming.

Finally James said try the pacifier. We tried the Green one they give you at the hospital, she’s been using that when we are at home. She would just spit it out and eat her hands. Her Nuk one was in the diaper bag in the car. Finally I realized I had another one I was given from Target the MAM brand. I ripped it open and put it in her mouth & she was fine. She finally started drifting off!! So today we will be buying our first pacifier, we will be grabbing a couple. She’s has ate and she’s back on the pacifier.

I was reading some babies don’t satisfy their suckling needs by eating, they need pacifiers. So I guess that’s Zoie-Lynne!!

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