No Sleep

Zoie-Lynne decided last night she didn’t want to go to sleep, but instead scream all night.

She woke up around 11 & didn’t want to go back to sleep or calm down.

We feed, burped, swaddled, changed diapers, cuddled, sucked out her boogies & gave her a pacifier, she’d calm down for a couple minutes, but would go crazy again.

Around 2:30-3 I got her to calm down & she fell asleep on me for awhile & then was back up!!

Around 7am we finally realized she was scream because she didn’t want her oxygen in. Then finally she passed out!!

Babies, I seriously wish they could use words!!

One thought on “No Sleep”

  1. Nana K. says:

    Tiff, be patient, because very soon this little girl will tell you exactly what she thinks!!! LOL

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