No More Oxygen

Today Zoie-Lynne went in to have her car seat test done & see if she could be taken off oxygen.

We went in around 3:30pm, she was hooked up to the monitor and sat in her car seat.

While she was getting that done, James stayed with her and I went to the next building and had my blood pressure checked. It was okay, not amazing. I am no on the next dosage down and I go back for a check next Monday.

I headed back to check on Zoie-Lynne & there was a bunch of nurses in her room & James was holding her. With another lady with an oxygen tank!! I started freaking out. Turns out her oxygen level was at 80 & stayed there!! They decided to change the monitor & started over. She did great no dips & she fell asleep.

She no longer needs oxygen & I’m pretty sure she’s happy about that!! She also is now 19inches long & weighs 6lbs 13.9oz. She’s getting big!!

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