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New Play Kitchen

For my birthday I received a bunch of Amazon Giftcards, just in time for Prime Day! I’ve been wanting to buy Zoie a play kitchen forever! So I decided to finally buy one for her! 

After months of researching wooden play kitchens I finally found one I liked, wasn’t super expensive & could fit in the toyroom.

We ended up buying the KidsKraft Pink Wooden Kitchen. The espresso kitchen was 35% more, so I just saved myself some money and purchased the pink one.

The kitchen came Saturday afternoon, but we we’re kind of busy and Zoie was way to into playing to set the kitchen up. So Sunday after the pool, while she was taking a nap I decided to tackle the project. As soon as I opened the the box I was like “why did I do this to myself“!

Anyways about two hours later, a baby who woke up and James to finish the other half it was up and ready to cook!

She has a couple items of food, a play Melissa & Doug wooden pizza & a shopping cart to get her started. Now just to get her some other items for the kitchen.  Guess we’ll be taking another IKEA trip!

With all of these toys she’sreceiveing she’s going to need a bigger toyroom! Guess that’s next on the list 😜



2 thoughts on “New Play Kitchen”

  1. Grumpa & Nana says:

    How cool! But she already has two play rooms now. She needs another one? LOL

    1. Tiff says:

      lol she is running out of room, we need a bigger space.

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