Mushy Brain

I think my brains becoming mushy & I’m forgetting how to do the most simple things.

Yesterday I was to make up some hours for work. I started working, downloaded everything, opened the files & some how completely forgot what basic CSS was.

I couldn’t really sit still, so I was sitting on my exercise ball & just couldn’t do that anymore. My house has been a complete disaster, so I decided to clean it. I’d start something, go into another room to get something, forget why I was there & then forget what I was even doing. So I spent most of my day trying to figure out what I’d stared & where I stopped, then try and figure out what I needed to finish. It took almost all day, but I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom & did laundry.

Then last night wasn’t that much fun, I kept dozing off starting around 7:30-8 & I kept waking up. I had to pee, I had a cramp, I got hungry, I couldn’t breath, I woke up twice thinking someone threw water on me, apparently I just really needed to sweat. Also, can I just say I’m thankful for this PAIN in the back Nephrostomy tube!! I actually mean that, I couldn’t imagine how many more times I would need to get up in the middle of the night. This sleeping two-three hours & then waking me up is definitely getting me ready for Zoie-Lynne. Sleep deprivation, isn’t doing to well on this brain.

Today is a new day, maybe some relaxation & naps will help me out. I have this, there is an end in site.

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