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Mommy Me Time

In 2016 we are always busy, always on the go and we never have time to just stop and enjoy time with our family, especially our children.  I make it a point to set aside time for just one-on-one time with Zoie multiple times a week.

I’m the kind of person who always has to be busy, always!  Sometimes I really over schedule myself.  I work a 40-hour work day job, I freelance about 20 hours a week, I sit on the executive committee for Ad2 Pittsburgh, I’m the social media manager & blog manager for & I write this blog.  I got tired just typing all of that out!

How do I keep our lives straight?  How do I even have time for James or Zoie?  Well that’s a great question! We each have our own google calendar, all my projects are to-do list are organized in trello and our family chore list on Apple reminders, all items are synced on all of our devices.  It keeps our lives running smoothly, we don’t double book & it makes sure we don’t forget things.

One of those things on the calendar mommy-me time.  Thursday evenings & afternoons on Saturday.  I don’t work, I’m not continually on my phone, I don’t check emails and I do something with Zoie.  A lot of the times we do a co-mommy me time with Zoie’s best friend and her mom.  We do crafts, go to the park, make dinner, sometimes we go places like trampoline or we go to a special event here in Pittsburgh. It’s not always going out and doing crazy fun times, sometimes it’s just us cuddling on the couch enjoying just spending time with each other.

I love the time we get together, because it’s time we won’t get back at this age.  She will only be this age once; I want to make sure I’m not always working or on my phone.  I want her to look back and remember that I always sat aside time for her, and that even though I am busy I’m always there for her.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have it all figured out, but we take it one day at a time.

Enjoy some fun photos of Zoie & I together, making memories.

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