Mommy Me Day

I had a great all day mommy & me day with Zoie today while daddy was at work.

We started our day off with a nice breakfast, milk with oatmeal for Zoie & waffles with PB&J for mommy. Then Zoie took a nap while we dropped daddy off at work.

We ended up at Ikea where we purchased a clothes rack for Zoie, because she has too many shirts for armoire. Zoie ate some more lunch sweet potatoes & milk.

We then headed over to target where we purchased some needed items for the house & printed Zoie’s invitations for her classmates at daycare. Don’t forget to RSVP for her TuTu Party (click here for more information).

Then we picked up some cheating food for mommy at Sheetz & then headed down to see daddy. We then went to Five Below, where we purchased some fun items for Zoie’s party. Then went to JoAnn fabric to browse, didn’t find anything. She slept the whole time in her papoose & then woke up to say good bye to daddy.

Then we went off to Babies R Us so Zoie could eat where we found two REALLY nice nursing mom’s who I had the chance to talk to!! One was a mom of four and the last two were twins & a mom of two, the youngest was a month old. It was REALLY great having the chance to talk, share tips and talk baby. It was also great talking nursing, it REALLY felt great that I was not alone with the not being able to pump enough & having milk supply issues. I forgot Zoie’s bib in the car & the one mom was REALLY nice and gave Zoie a cute grey and yellow elephant bib!! We also talked baby food, which was another great topic to talk to another mom about. It is nice that there are so many great moms out there willing to just talk to another mom!!

Then we drove around daddy’s work, while Zoie fell slept in her carseat. We then found a child consignment shop called Once Upon a Child, which we found we can take Zoie’s stuff. We looked for a Tiffany blue tutu, but they didn’t have one. She got all snuggly on my in the papoose and started drooling on me.

Then we went to Party City, where we found some more party items and browsed some other things. They seriously have everything you need in every color for a party. We bought gumballs & cups in teal and pink for Zoie’s party. Just typing about it is making me super excited!!

Then we went over & spent some time with daddy at work and then headed home. Zoie spent some time with daddy while I packed everything for tomorrow & made dinner. Now she is nicely snug in her swaddler sleeping next to me. We are all ready for bed & ready to get up at 6am to start our Monday.

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