Mommy Daughter Day

Yesterday (Monday March 2nd) I took off work to spend the whole day with little zoie. No errands, no work & no house hold chores.

But we did start the day with one errand, restocking coconut water!! They were all out on Saturday so we had to go back monday morning when the truck came. She was very happy with that errand though.

I then took her to the Children’s Museum & we had a fun time. We started in the nursery, we got there at 10am when they opened so it was just us for a really long time it was pretty great. Her favorite part was the giant light bright wall.

After awhile in there we headed off to the water floor. We built a dam on the water table so we could splash, played with the water wall, played with the sprinklers on the floor and made some art on the other water wall.

With all the playing we went off to eat lunch, where Zoie stole my sandwich and proceeded to eat the whole thing! She people watched, her favorite thing to do. We cleaned up and headed off to the other exhibits.

We played in the attic, the garage and then lastly Zoies favorite the Bounce room!! She threw the ball at the Bounce wall to watch the drawing come up on the screen, one of her favorite activities. We played in the Bounce a ball room for awhile until to many people came in.

We then finished our trip there with a trip to the gift shop, where she bought a tub with glitter and hearts you can move back and forth.

We left and went over to the National Aviary. She had a fun time watching the birds, we had the chance to watch the eagle crazily flap his wings & then the other one fly down from the top tree.

Our favorite part was the baby penguins we saw last time, they had one out during feeding in the hall to talk about the feeding habits. He had lost almost all his baby feathers and grew so much. We wondered around for a bit more, then it was nap time.

We headed home and Zoie kept napping.  We then went to visit her school, picked some groceries up and then home to have a delicious dinner.

It was such a great day we got to spend together.  I like just having days just the two of us that when I can focus on just her.

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