Love, Hope & Change |

Love, Hope & Change

This has been a rough week for my family, friends & many people across this country. A lot of tears have been shed, words have been exchanged and tons of hugs have been given. Above all else a lot of love & reminders have been given.

In the past my small family of three has had to deal with rude words from so many because we are a mixed-race couple. So many times, has my family been verbally abused & made feel hurt and angry. We’ve been lucky to find friends and select family members who stand by our side & remind us to ignore their intolerance and remind Zoie she is perfect with the family who loves her. To remind her to love, keep an open mind & ignore those who hate.

The past couple days I’ve had to return those words to others, I’ve had to remind them to better person. My friends should not be verbally assaulted & told to go back to their country as she walks her Hispanic son to school. They should be able to hold hands as they walk down the street and not told they don’t matter because they love the same gender. Above all else they should not be physically assaulted as they attend their senior year in high school because of the color of their skin. No one should have to go through that, no one should be treated so badly, especially in 2016.

As I sit here writing this with a safety pin of hope attached to my jacket, I want people to remember words and actions hurt. We are all upset, we are all hurt and as humans we deserved to be treated as such. Do not stoop to their level; do not call them names, don’t not physically attack, do not set fire or cause disturbance. Instead lend a helping hand, a hug or comforting words to those who need it most right now. Give back to organizations trying to help, donate your time & energy!

Because as I hugged Zoie this morning, just like the past couple mornings I’ve felt so much anger. Anger because I have to raise her in a world of so much hate. That I have to raise her in a world where people she encounters thinks it is okay to sexually assault, physically & verbally abuse. That when people say hurtful things to her for being a female, or verbally abuse a her, a friend or family members I must to remind her to stay calm and fight not with her hands, but her mind. She will be taught; peace, love, tolerance & understanding.  I’m turning that anger into love for those who need it most, donating my time to help & giving what I can to those who need it most.

Remember as every day to make a difference, this week has been rough, but it has opened our eyes even wider. Change needs to happen, it doesn’t happen overnight, it won’t happen with violence or hurtful words. It happens when we work together, form plans & stick together. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s not going to be easy, but we will get there.

**Thank you to Leslie Knope (her writer) for giving such kind words yesterday to help inspire me to be a better person, friend & mother through all of this.**


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