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Little Partners Learning Tower

This past Cyber Monday we purchased Zoie a Little Partners Learning Tower for Christmas. She has absolutely loved it, having the chance to interact with us in the kitchen.

Before we looked into the Learning Tower we did try using a chair & step stool, but it was  not as safe or adjustable.

The Little Partners Learning Tower is pretty pricey, but there are some key factors that have to go into the price.

The Learning Tower will last a very long time.  The shelf inside is adjustable, so as your child grows you can move the shelf down. I’m pretty short, 5’2″ and I’ve used the learning tower to reach on top of my cabinets.  Also, it can hold over 500lbs!  So even if you have siblings sharing, they are safe.

Children can easily get in and out of the Learning Tower, there are little pockets on the side.  Don’t worry about the Learning Tower moving while they get in and out, the bottom has little grips to hold steady.

It’s crafted with great wood and finish. It’s not plywood, no it’s layered heavy duty birch.  Don’t worry about your toddler or little one biting the Learning Tower, the finish is non-toxic & lead free.  The finish even makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth, even the stuck on cookie dough you didn’t see for a couple days.

We leave our Learning Tower in the kitchen, which isn’t too big.  When we have to move the Learning Tower around it’s not too tough, weighing around 35lbs or the size of a 2.5 year old.

Oh and the best part, it’s easy to put together. Taking maybe 10-20 minutes, the instructions are simple and easy to read.

Little Partners has great add ons to make using the Learning Tower even more fun.

This is a great investment for a toddler, the Little Partners Learning Tower will grow with them & getting them more interested in activities and helping.

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