List Compiling of Awesomeness

Tonight James & I went thru everything Zoie-Lynne currently has. From clothes, diapers & random other stuff, I combined it all into a nice spreadsheet.

I read a bunch of articles, books, magazines & other mommy blogs to see what everyone said they needed. I then took the lists & made it fit to our lifestyle & for having a winter baby.

The little girl has enough hats, socks, short sleeve onsises, longsleve swaddlers & mittens. Clothes are always a good gift though. She’ll throw up, pee or poo on them so we’ll have to change her. Then she’ll grow out of them, so thankfully between us buying clothes on sale, people buying or giving us clothes she has quite the variety of sizes. The only clothing she really needs now is under onesies, which aren’t that expensive so we’ll make a trip to walmart & buy a couple packs.

For bath time she has a super awesome tub!! It goes from newborn to toddler. We can put her in the little sling when she’s really tiny & then move her to the small tub. It also came with a detachable shower head, so when she gets in the big girl tub she can learn to shower herself. So now we just have to get her towels & washcloths.

Thanks to Nana & Grumpa she has a very nice crib, mattress to go with it & the coolest Pack N’ Play. The Pack N’ Play will be in our room, so she can sleep close to us for the first couple months. It comes with a bassinet, an awesome vibrating sit & a changing table, oh & it plays music. So we don’t have to get a changing table for her room for awhile. & since the bassinet & vibrating detachable came with it we don’t have to buy either of those things!! Such an awesome score!! We just have to get her sheets for her bed now. We were given a ton of swaddlers & blankets so she’s good on those too. Oh & she has the cutest pink elephant given to her by Chelsey, so when she gets a bit older she’ll have a snuggle toy 🙂

Feeding time!! We bought her all the bottles she’ll need, which she won’t use for the first couple weeks. Since she’ll need to get use to breastfeeding. All we have to get for breastfeeding is the pump, which I have to research, pick & then call my insurance company. Luckily my insurance company covers it, so I pick it out & either we buy it & they reimburse us or they give us a check & we buy it. Small things like bibs and burp cloths are about it.

Stinky diapers!! We have a couple cloth diapers & extra inserts. We need to step up our game & really start buying those & extra inserts. Oh and we need to get one more pack of cloth wipes. Other then that just small things like creams & powders.

The last big purchase we need to get is the car seat. Which we will be buying Monday!! I’m super excited, probably will be pictures!!

We have a couple other small purchases like thermometer & clippers. Everything has either been given to us or we have bought it. She’s really lucky to have such great people in her life.

Thank you to both sets of grandparents who have given us so many clothes & necessities!! To her Aunt Sara & Uncle Jeff for the clothes. For all the friends who have given us clothes, toys & other supplies. Her Great Uncle Ale who has given her a nice check (which will buy her car seat). To my cousin Marie for all the clothes, diaper bag & many other things. & to Chelsey who gave her the cutest pink elephant & an amazing baby shower!! Oh Aunt Ronna & Uncle Rich for the amazing Doctor Mister Potato Head!!

We are super grateful to all those who have helped us. & I’ll be filling out those thank you cards this week & sending them out 😀

& if you plan on sending us stuff, don’t worry, I will still send you a thank you card!! I have enough of them 🙂

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  1. Nana and Grumpa says:

    You are very welcome. We love you, Nana and Grumpa

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