Labor & Delivery Journey

On Monday we had a weekly check-up with Dr. Tanner, I had high blood pressure, I was swollen & some protein in my urine, signs of pre-eclampsia. But we’re not sure.

We went home, went to bed, the usual. I woke up couldn’t sleep, played on the Internet, sowed a bit & just wondered around the house. I was in no pain, no contractions everything was fine.

But four am came and I was all the sudden in the worst pain you could possibly think of. The pain was right under my breast, it felt like something exploded inside of me, maybe an organ. I had no vaginal pain at all, so I didn’t think it was labor. I even thought it was very intense gas. James called the hospital and since I was so far along I should come in. Thankfully all our bags were packed and in the car.

We get to the hospital, they take me to the women’s center & I was telling them I was in pain but not in labor. They told be to get undressed & they checked me out. I was 5cm dilated and apparently I was in labor, I told them no since I didn’t have any vaginal pain and I didn’t have any contractions or pain before 4am.

After that I remember nothing, I completely blacked out and remember absolute nothing. Apparently my blood pressure went sky high & I started shaking. I also apparently received an epidural, since my blood pressure was so high & they almost had to give me a c-section. But then Zoie-Lynne decided to come.

I then remember them telling me it was time to push. I couldn’t feel contractions, so they nurse nicely told me when to push. After a little but she was coming, but needed help. Ew and they asked me if I wanted a mirror, I said “ew no”. With the help of the vacuum & my pushing she came out. The laid her on top of me & my first words were “there’s my little mutant”.

Zoie-Lynne Barbara Krompholz was born on January 7th 2014 at 10:25am she weight 5lbs 10oz & was 18 inches long. She was born 3 weeks and 3 days early. I then do not remember anything after that.

I then remember waking up and James was holding her. They then moved us from the labor room to the recovery room. That was the beginning of our new journey.

I got to hold Zoie-Lynne, cuddle her and started breast feeding. She is such a little cuddle bug. My blood pressure was still sky high, I was swollen & I was lightheaded. They kept checking my vitals & nothing changed. They also kept checking Zoie-Lynne & babies get oxygen readers on their feet. Also since she’s a premie they kept checking her. They ended up having to take her to the nursery, she had breathing issues.

So thru the week with me I had very high blood pressure & a very low blood platelet level. I had a scare while feeding Zoie-Lynne, my abdomen started hurting & all of the sudden I had a horrible headache. they rushed me back to my room & then called a team of people. They did a CT & started me on new blood pressure medication. I also have been having blood work in the morning & at night to check my blood platelet level. I then ended up needing a blood transfusion, that actually made my blood platelets slowly go back up. As for the high blood pressure nothing has been working to get it down. The one doctor thinks I might have a tumor on my kidney. Which before pregnancy wouldn’t have shown up, but pregnancy might have escalated the growth. They collected my urine for 24hours and they’ll see. So for me it’s been an interesting week. Today I finally started being able to walk, very slowly, but progress. I also had my nefrostomy tube taken out!! Hope is the blood pressure works itself out & I feel 100% soon.

Little Zoie-Lynne has also had an interesting week. She has had issues with her oxygen levels. Which in Utah is very common with the elevation. She also forgets to breath while she eats, she’s getting much better. She had a bit of a scare and they had her on antibiotics. Along with that she’s had a swollen left eye, which everyone thought was a broken blood vessel, which is common during birth. Come to find out our little pumpkin has an extra tear duct & will need to have surgery to have it drained. Thankfully she has something extra and not missing anything.

But we are both doing okay, we are keeping our fingers crossed. & James has been so great helping us both!! Our hope is to be home soon. fingers crossed.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words & congratulations, it means so much!!

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  1. Kat Bernal says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Congrats again! <3

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