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Koral Luma Portable Charger

We’re always out and about, between events, the park and even everyday errands.  A lot of the times our phones & iPads die when we are nowhere near a charger!  We’ve come along a lot of portable chargers, but the Koral Luma Portable Charger is by far the best! 

For our family, we always are on our phones.  Between work emails, snapping photos of Zoie & letting her use YouTube Kids while we’re at the grocery store our phones die quick!

We’ve gone through multiple portable chargers, cheap ones to expensive ones! Each one failing us for so many reason.

What we needed:

  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Long Charge
  • Charge Indicator
  • Durable

With the Koral Luma Portable Charger we received that & much more!

  • Very lightweight, lighter than a AA Battery
  • Small, can fight right in my hard carry case with my external hard drive
  • Long Charge, we’ve charged my dead iPhone & iPad with juice leftover
  • Charge Indicator, there are four lights that indicate amount of charge left
  • Durable, we’re really tough on everything! The rubber shell has taken multiple drops & still works
  • Saves Charge, once I’m done charging my phone the charger will turn off, not wasting any charge
  • Fast, it takes less than 30 minutes to fully charge my iPhone when dead

All & all the Koral Luma Portable Charger has been great for us.  I’d recommend this charger for busy families on the go.

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