It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve really had the chance to post anything.

It’s been kinda a bit crazy, life has definitely changed since having Zoie-Lynne.

My schedule use to be get up, shower, work, home to do whatever. Weekends were full of chores & whatever we decided to do. Now we have Zoie-Lynne & we have to work around her schedule.

A day now consists of getting up, feeding her & getting her dressed, me showering while James or nana watches her, go to work, pump 3 times during work, home for play time then nap, either do things for her, hangout or work at home, feed her bath time, story time & she goes to be. That means mommy can finally shower & watch tv or do whatever, but I usually end up passing out.

It has been an interesting change, we are working into a schedule & getting there. Spending the little bit of time after work & weekends with her is amazing.

Saturday she started rolling over on her back. She makes the funniest faces & she likes to eat noses. She has gotten so big in 8 weeks, finally growing into that giant melon head. She likes standing, well us holding her to stand. She also loves looking staring at lights. Above all else she loves her pacifier & sound machine, which she sleeps with all the time.

She sleeps pretty much thru night, goes to sleep at 10 & wakes up between 3-3:30 to eat & then back to sleep until 6:30-7. & she has her nights when she wants to sleep in bed with us, she’s getting better with sleeping in her own bed.

All & all everything is great!! It’s so much fun watching her grow.

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