Indoor Adventure Days |

Indoor Adventure Days

It cannot always be nice and sunny outside, sometimes we get rainy dreary days! Those days Zoie & I like to call our Indoor Adventure Days!

We go to a place and let Zoie just explore the surroundings, let her lead us through the store. The past two rainy days we’ve ended up at two different Lowes & IKEA, both places Zoie absolutely loves exploring.

We wander through the plants, water fountain, test all of the patio furniture, test drive the riding mowers and Zoie’s favorite explore the appliance section.

It’s a fun activity to let her explore, ask questions and get familiar with things she wouldn’t see anywhere else. I like to ask her questions about the things she sees and what she thinks they’ll be used for.

It’s a very fun learning experience for the both of us, because I end up reading a lot of bottles & boxes.

A fun activity to try your next rainy day!

Next rainy day don’t forget to check out our snapchat story to see how our indoor adventure goes!

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