I’m That Weird Mom

If you would have told me a couple years ago I’d be a mom I would have laughed at you! Then I became a mom & apparently I became that weird mom!

I’m that mom who has that baby who: breastfeeds (from the tap when possible), uses glasses bottles, wears cloth diapers, uses wooden toys, eats homemade baby food, cosleeps, baby wears & eats organic non gmo food. Yep Zoie is that kid with the weird mom.

You know what I’m okay with that, I’m okay being that weird mom. That weird mom who reads every label at the grocery store or researches every company before I give Zoie something. I’m okay taking a couple hours out of the day to make her baby food, so I know exactly what’s in her food. I’m okay taking a couple hours out of the day researching companies to see where their ingredients come from, what their story is and who they are. I’m okay dumping poo out of a cloth diaper & washing them every other day. I’m completely fine with zoie chewing on wood. I’m okay not having to carry a bulky stroller, but an awesomely designed wrap. I’m okay snuggling in a crowded bed.

I’m also completely okay with the fact I have a pretty healthy, pudgy & extremely happy baby! To everyone else it’s completely weird, but to us it’s completely normal!

No ones parenting style is wrong (unless your abusing your child, then yes it’s wrong). But don’t be a jerk, everyone’s different!

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