If you would have told me

A couple years ago tonight I’d be snuggled up to a little girl of my own I would have called you a liar.

Exactly one year ago from June 7 James & I found out I was pregnant. Seriously exciting, yet scary. We talked a couple weeks before about having a baby, we said I’d stop taking the pill & we’d try, but nothing crazy. Then I got really sick at ikea & then used a stick.

A couple years ago I would have told you that you were crazy, I’d never have kids. I wouldn’t be washing cloth diapers or breastfeeding. No, I’d be partying it up & living the dream.

Now my days are spent working during the day, trying to fit in contracting work & snuggling this cute fat baby who giggles & smiles at me every morning. Then spends her nights cuddle up next to me. I take tons if not to many pictures, talk about her all of the time & spend my free time researching articles for her.

Soon I’ll be adding the chore of making cereal & baby food to my list, yet another thing I never thought I’d do. But along with everything else it’s a new adventure I’m happy I’m making, especially with Zoie-Lynne & her dad.

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