Ick Rash

Yesterday (October 1st) I received a phone call from daycare around 9am that Zoie had a rash all over her.

I called the doctor, made an appointment & James went to pick her up.

She had a low grade fever, but no other symptoms. The doctor said it was a viral infection & the rash would be gone in a couple days. If she stopped eating or had a high fever bring her back.

She was cranky (but she’s teething), but nothing else out of the ordinary. We watched her all day & she was fine, never a temperature above 97. Went to bed around 8, slept thru the night. But was warm to the touch & sweated only from her head. She didn’t have a blanket on & it was a bit chilly, but still no fever.

I woke up & decided to work from home & kept her home. She didn’t have a fever all day, she ate solids, but wasn’t really into it, she really wanted milk or coconut water. She also wasn’t really in the playing with toys mood, more I want to be cuddled & held type of mood. We cuddled, she laid on me, we took a walk with the Wrapsody (she really enjoys it).

We took a nice warm shower & now we’re in bed cuddling & she’s passed out. No fever & doing just fine!!

The picture below was taken the evening of October 1st.


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