Hurry Where’s the Bathroom?!

I feel like babies just think it’s so funny to make their mummy’s have to pee or think they have to pee.

Zoie-Lynne likes to toss and turn until she’s nice and comfy, likes she’s fluffing a pillow, which just so happens to be my bladder.

I’ll go the bathroom, wash my hands and go to leave & she’s like “nope go back”. My favorite is when I’m out somewhere & she kicks me right in the bladder & I have to make a mad dash for the bathroom.

The best part is when you’re sleeping & since babies are little night owls, she likes to wake me up maybe once or twice a night to make me not pee, but dribble a bit. Always my favorite.

Ah babies, I still love the little muffin, I’d just like to spend a little less time staring at the bathroom walls. Plus side, my hands are nice and soft from all the nice lotion soaps.

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