Hungry Baby

Yea, Zoie is a hungry baby, that is for sure. A couple weeks ago she started wanting to eat food with everyone else.

I was holding her and with my other hand I was eating potato letters, I went to put one up to my mouth & she leaned forward like I was going to give it to her.

Then last night at dinner Nana was eating her chilli and Zoie went for the spoon like she was going to get some food.

When we are eating she stares at us intently like we should give her some food. We are going to start feeding her cereal probably starting next week.

I’m excited to start making homemade rice & oatmeal cereals. It seems really easy & a lot less ingredients. Ground oats, rice, a lentil (not all of those, just one) & breast milk.

Do that for about two weeks then start the veggies, I’m more looking forward to those.

I have bought the freezer storage trays from Fresh Baby, Green Spout Spoons & then Green Sprout plastic storage containers for when we are out or to send to daycare.

I can’t wait to start her out and then post tons of videos.

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