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Hofbräuhaus Trip

We made a trip on the Hofbräuhaus of Pittsburgh on Saturday to celebrate my birthday, Zoie as always enjoyed her time there! 

She’s getting way to tall! She was able to sit at the table and look over to color. She can’t see over top of her food, so we did use a high chair for her to eat. But, she’s getting to the point she can rock a booster seat!

Not only did she have a fun time coloring, as always she enjoyed the food. She enjoyed a kinder schnitzel, she wasn’t to interested in the fries that came with it. Then enjoyed more than half of my side of butter spätzle! Later she did enjoy some fries and fried pickles.

We had such a great time, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh make sure to check out the Hofbräuhaus of Pittsburgh, grab yourself a liter Dunkel.

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