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Happy Half Birthday!

Today is Zoie’s 2.5 Birthday! 913 days old and/or 30 months old 😂.

Time is really flying by, can’t believe our little girl is 2.5 today.  She won’t have her check-up until next Tuesday, so be on the lookout on Wednesday for those details.

She is going to school today, but after we have a fun filled night planed.  We are going to cook her favorite for dinner, TACOS!  Then cake and vegan ice cream! Her best friend will be coming over, so that will make it even special.

Saturday we have a big party planned, a Splish Splash Party!  I’ll be posting some fun photos, and don’t forget to check out Instagram page during the party to see what everyone’s posting!

Lastly, don’t forget we are collecting toys for The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (click here for more details).  Please consider donating a toy today, please view our Amazon List for items requested.

Thanks for sticking with these past couple years and helping make Zoie part of your life.

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