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Happy 1,000 Days Old

Today Zoie has been with us for exactly 1,000 days old!

Some days have gone by fast, some slow, other days we’ve enjoyed more than others, but one thing is for certain every single day Zoie has been with us has been a true blessing.

Since the first day we met her on January 7th, 2014 she’s been our little girl.  Our crazy ball of energy, who loves to giggle, can eat us out a house and home and is truly one of a kind.

Since that day, Zoie has really grown, she has her own personality.  She has a lot of favorites!

  • Color – Salmon
  • Movie – Star Wars
  • Cartoon – PJ Mask
  • At Home Activity – iPad Time
  • Outside Activity – Watching the Animals (At the South Park Game Preserve)
  • Sport – Baseball (Mets Fan)
  • Thing To Do with Dad – Watch Sports
  • Thing To Do with Mom – Shopping
  • Snack – Marshmallows
  • Food – Mac & Cheese
  • Drink – Coconut Water
  • Animal – Cats
  • Book – Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

Besides favorites, we’ve been having fun asking her those fun birthday interview questions.  Our favorite question of the day, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Every day it changes, so far no two days are the same we’ve had:

  • A Mommy
  • Dinosaur Person (She wants to be Chris Part from Jurassic World)
  •  Teacher
  • Baseball Player
  • Play-Doh maker
  • A Nana
  • Fireman
  • Construction Worker
  • Ice Cream Scooper

She really is a funny one.  James & are thankful she’s our daughter. We get to be her mommy & daddy, the best gift.

Today we took the day off to spend the day with Zoie.  We will be starting our day with Pancakes and Zoie’s best friend will be joining us all day.  We have a fun filled day planned for her.  Check back for more details & don’t forget to check our snap chat for photos & videos.

For now, enjoy tons of photos of Zoie & Nana, don’t cry.

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