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Happi Tummi

One of the things I was most worried about while pregnant was Zoie having gas, so I purchased a Happi Tummi.  One of the best items I’ve ever purchased for her.

Almost two and a half years later we still use her Happi Tummi.

The Happi Tummi is a cloth band that has a little pillow that you warm-up in the microwave.  After you warm up the pillow you place the pillow into the pocket in the band, and Velcro around your baby on the outside of clothes.  Do not put on skin, now that Zoie is older she has pulled her shirt over top multiple times.

We’ve used the Happi Tummi when she was little and had gas or hiccups.  We still use it for gas, sometimes for boo boos and just to calm her down.  It has a nice lavender scent, and mixed with the warmth calms her down.  Especially great for teething babies!

Zoie is also lactose intolerant, when we were first figuring out she couldn’t have any dairy we were using the Happi Tummi all of the time.  It worked great helping relieve her belly pain.

Also, don’t worry you do not have to have a microwave to use this.  We wrap the pillow in aluminum foil and place in our toaster oven, works just as good.

This is a great product to give to a new mom or just to a mom, I’ve used the wrap multiple times 🙂

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