Great Sunday

Zoie & I spent a whole Sunday just hanging out & bonding.

You can’t really do much with a 5 month old, they don’t do much & they don’t talk.

Zoie ate some peas and had milk for breakfast.

We started our day by getting in our swimsuits & laying in our backyard on a sheet. Zoie played with her toys & looked at herself in her mirror. Then she decided that was to much excitement & took a nap.

Then after her nap we ran some cold water in the kitchen sink (that we cleaned our & washed before & after) to play in some cold water.

Then she tried water for the first time!! She loved it, she couldn’t get enough!! So we have to go out & buy the handles for her bottle, so it can turn I to a sippy cup!! Whoooot!!

Then we changed and played with her toys, practiced sitting up & she rolled around a bit.

She has also started this new thing, she likes to growl & RAWR, it’s so cute, but a bit weird.

Then we ate some lunch, Zoie had milk & sweet potatoes, I had some leftovers.

We then got bored & decided to take a walk. So with bunny & her pacifier attached to her, a camel pack attached me we went out for a walk.

When we came back we decided to get more sun, so we went & laid in our back used & Zoie practiced sitting up & rolling around on the sheet.

We came in & changed, she played with her toys & I made some stuff for her party. Also, made a time capsule page, please check it out While in the middle of that stuff Zoie decided she didn’t want to play with toys, she wanted mommy to hold her to take a nap. Every time I’d put her down she’d shriek & scream, so I just held her while I worked.

Then James came home & we decided to go out & celebrate his promotion!! While celebrating Zoie sat in a highchair & actually sat up all on her own!!! I was so proud I started crying.

We made it home & her daddy gave her a bath and then we snuggled and went to bed. It was a very fun day!!

Of course I took tons of pictures, they can be viewed on the Instagram page above.

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