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Fun Water Sand Table

One of Zoie’s Easter gifts was a Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark Play Table, ever since we set it up she’s absolutely loved it!

I’d recommend this product, but I’d have to say if you don’t have patients have someone else put the table together!  Also, make sure your child is not around when putting the table together!  I put the table together after Zoie went to bed, and halfway through putting the table together I made James finish!  It was just a real pain all of the screws.

With that being said, I’d still recommend the product.  Zoie has spent ours just putting playing with the play sand and water.  Her favorite thing to do is place the two little friends that come with the set, on the slide and have them jump.

Even better, we’ve used the tools in our pool, which has been really nice.  We’ve even taken the toys that came with the sent other places.  We plan on taking them to the beach.

I’d also recommend buying the table on Amazon, we purchased ours on a lighting deal and received it for 54% off!

My biggest complaint with the table, if Zoie puts water in the sand side, a lot of water it’s a real pain to get out!  The water side does come with a plug, so that side is very easy to clean.

One of my favorite things, is the cover for the sand side.  It does keep the rain and bugs out.

Our plan is to bring the table in during the winter.  A lot of people recommend using hard corn, cheerios, rice and/or Jelly BeadZ.  So check back in the winter for those great posts!

Enjoy some photos of Zoie playing with her table.

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