Freezer Meals

One of the things I know James nor I will want to do after Zoie-Lynne comes is cook. But we will have to eat.

I want us to continue eating healthy meals, but not have to much work to go in them. Reading a lot of other mom blogs I’ve found making freezer meals are the best way to go.

Between a couple weeks & a month we should start making meals, placing them in freezer bags or containers & placing directions on them. So that even when we are sleep deprived & can barley function we can still read “heat in oven at 400 for one hour”.

I started compiling a list from Pinterest, other blogs & recipe sites. This way We can make a whole bunch of meals in advance.

If anyone has any recipes or likes to freezer meals please email them to me or just comment below. It would be much appreciated.

After I compile a large list of recipes I’ll post them with directions. Thanks in advanced.

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  1. Kat Bernal says:

    This site has some nice and easy recipes ^^ I make them when I make freezer meals for my grandpa. Best of luck!

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