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Free Vacuuming at Bethel Park Rapid Wash

If you have a toddler like ours, well you know just how messy they can be!!  Especially, the car & their car seat if you let them eat snacks in there.  Well if you live near Bethel Park there is actually a FREE vacuum.  YES, FREE, at the Bethel Park Rapid Wash.

We’ve went to the Bethel Park Rapid Wash a couple times to wash our car, pretty reasonable prices and does a great job in just 3 minutes.  Which I am kind of sad it’s not longer, it’s pretty fun and Zoie just loves watching out the window.

But, anyways not to get side tracked, FREE VACUUMS.  Our old house we’d lug the vacuum down a flight of steps, plug it into two extension cords just to vacuum the car.  Now we have to use three extension cords and lug the vacuum down two flights of steps.  NO THANK YOU.

We try to vacuum & clean the car every other week.  Wipe everything down, vacuum and take all of our random items left inside the car back in the house.  Well everything, but the vacuuming has been happening.  We’ve been doing that once a month or going and paying to vacuum which is about $3-5 each time.  We have a mini vacuum, but it only picks up the big items and doesn’t get into those small hard to reach spaces.

Finally, after driving past Bethel Park Rapid Wash every single day, sometimes three or four time a day for almost a year.  We finally saw the sign “FREE VACUUM”.  I squealed a little bit, not going to lie.  I told Zoie, she giggled as she ate the stale morning o’s from her car seat.

This past Sunday we decided to make a stop and see if it was 100% FREE.  Yes, yes it was.  Pull up, grab the vacuum handle and vacuum your car, put the vacuum handle back.  Also, it’s pretty powerful, I thought maybe since it was free it wouldn’t work as well.  Nope, worked great.  Even the cracks and crevices holding smashed in cereal.

Now our car looks pretty nice, and no longer smells like old fruit rings.  I’d recommend stopping by the Bethel Park Rapid Wash, to clean out your car and also use their nice car wash (which does defeat the purpose of free).  You’ll car will be looking brand new & you won’t be embarrassed to have others in your car.


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