Fountain of Poo

The difference between formula & breast feed babies is the poo!!

I’ve never actually changed a breast feed babies poo. I’ve changed a lot of poo diapers, but always solid little pebbles or a little Sandy. But breast feed babies, it’s do liquidy!!

So I’m changing Zoie-Lynne diaper, I know to open it & then close it because she might pee a bit more. Then I opened it up again and I go to wipe her butt, get the poo off. & all the sudden, like a fountain, the liquid yellow poo!! All over my shirt and pants. First time I’ve ever seen or experienced that one. Oh the joys of babies. But she’s all clean, feed and back to sleep.

I’m sure it will happen many more times. Now I know why they tell you to carry extra clothes for mommies in their diaper bags.

One thought on “Fountain of Poo”

  1. Monica says:

    The first time I saw Daddy change Auntie April, she did the same thing!

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