It’s so interesting how many things you can’t eat while you are pregnant & what harmful things they can do to your baby.

Chewing gum has been linked with slow & late brain development. Taco Bell has spinal cord, which is studies have found cause issues with with babies spinal and eye development. Smoked foods, lunch meats contain chemicals that can cross over into the placenta causing brain damage, especially the first trimester. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to cause low brain synapse and diabetes in babies.

So yea I the list of things I didn’t eat during pregnancy was pretty high. It has been great being able to eat certain things.

But now the fun part, the breast feeding diet. Starting today I’m to start keeping a journal of everything I eat. To align with how Zoie-Lynne is feeling, is she gassy, have an upset stomach, etc. Then I cut those foods out for awhile. Also, no spicy foods, first 6 weeks no caffeine & lots of carbs.

Also, carbs help produce more milk, so apparently the best thing for me to eat honey or cinnamon oatmeal. It apparently makes more milk & the honey and cinnamon is good for Zoie-Lynne. Especially me eating honey, it apparently will help with allergies.

So let’s the fun times start.

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