First Scare

We had our first scare at home with Zoie-Lynne.

She was all dressed & wrapped in. her swaddler laying next to me in bed. She was sleeping, snoring a little bit.

All of the sudden she starts coughing, not a little baby cough, a crazy hacking cough. She also sounded like she couldn’t breath & kept coughing. I pick her up, James unswaddles her & it’s like she passed back out.

With having surgery with anesthesia the day before we were a little scared. She is having nose bleeds, runny nose & wheezing. They told us to watch her closely and anything out of the ordinary go back to the hospital. Also, if it was very hard to wake her take her back.

The poor little girl, we just poked and kept nagging at her to wake her up. She did open her eyes and yawned then went back to sleep. Thankfully we have a stethoscope, we checked her & she had a normal BPM.

She has a bit of a runny nose & with the cough just a little cold. So she is all find & just sleeping away.

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