First Night Went Pretty Well

The first night with this pee collection bag was not that bad.

The biggest pain is remembering to grab the bag and take it with you. My back feels like yesterday I just worked out at the gym for the first time in ten years. Just achey, not really painful, just a annoying. The only issue I’ve been having is bending down & trying to get into bed.

I think since my kidney couldn’t really drain itself now it’s working in overdrive. That bag keeps getting super full pretty quick & has to keep being emptied. So the pregnancies are now setting in. So many trips to the bathroom at night, on top of the bag. But everything is working fine, so that is a plus & I’m very happy about it. Also, very happy that my kidney pain is now gone away. Plus sides to everything.

Showers are a little weird. I have to put Glad Press & Seal over the bandage so it doesn’t get wet. Also, no direct water to it, so I can only stand staring at the water, no water on my back directly. But hey I get to shower, which Is amazing, no sponge baths. I am nice and clean this morning.

Just a couple months of this bag and it will be out. I have this.

More information on Nephrostomy click here.

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