Finally Going Home

After six days of being in the hospital Zoie-Lynne & I are going home.

After many hours of blood pressure readings & blood checks I’m on medication and set free. I have an apt next Monday for a checkup with the medication.

Zoie-Lynne had a scan & we found the hole that connected us, on her inside has not fully closed. They said that happens with most babies. Also, she has been sent home on oxygen. She receives 1/8 of pure oxygen, they think she’ll be off that maybe next week.

The best part is we got her all dressed In her nice outfit & I a little time goes buy and she loudly farts about 10 times. She pooed in her nice clean specific newborn cloth diaper. Oh and before that her nice panda bib she spit up on. So no bib & nice new cloth diaper. But she’s nice and clean!! Also, none of her newborn clothes really fit, her socks keep falling off.

But she is wrapped in her carseat blanket (thank goodness I ordered it when I did and it came so quick) & has a nice winter warmer over top.

We are on our way home!!

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