1st Fathers Day

Today was James 1st Fathers Day with Zoie-Lynne.

We woke up and I dressed Zoie in a polo and tan pants just like her daddy. I then made banana pancakes & egg cups for breakfast. We gave James his gifts, he received a Baja Blast Mountain Dew, a box of Back to Nature cookies, the Frozen Sound Track & a Reese’s dessert.

Then we spoke with Nana (who’s 60th birthday was today, so happy birthday) & Grumpa on skype to talk.

Then we went out with MeeMee & Grumpa for the day. We went to Walmart, Ikea where Zoie ate sweet potatoes & then off the the mall to walk around.

Zoie then fell asleep in the car on the way back home. Then we came home and Zoie woke up and we decided to take a walk around Phillips park behind our house & Zoie fell asleep in her papoose. We came back and Zoie played in her seat while we sat outside on our front porch and played. Then she ate another thing of sweet potatoes and got a nice bath.

Then she decided around 6pm she was hungry and was sleepy. So she is out like a light in her own bed and James is now eating his Reese’s dessert.

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