Family Day 8-28-2016 |

Family Day

Today Zoie, James & I had the chance to spend the whole day together.  It was a very fun day!

We started out our day with a delicious homemade breakfast! Stuffed strawberry french toast with veggie sausage & eggs.  Also, don’t forget the coffee & juice.

Since it was to be 92° outside, with thunderstorms in the afternoon we decided to do something indoors!  Zoie said she wanted to get a new bath bomb, so we went to the mall we haven’t been too for awhile.

So we piled in the car & headed to the Ross Park Mall, our favorite mall around Pittsburgh.  Zoie took a nice little nap on the way there, so we got to spend some uninterrupted adult time.

We got there, Zoie wanted to be carried for awhile in her Rocket Tula so she could wake up.  We browsed Crate & Barrel while she woke up, yawned a bit & finally was ready to get out as we explored her Nana’s favorite store LL Bean.  Zoie had a great time learning about flies for fly fishing.  She got to explore the store & see the fish!

Then it was off to the indoor part of the mall, Zoie loved exploring all the fun stores.  Her favorite of course was Lush, she loves all the bath bombs.  Her favorite bath bomb, Frozen, who would have guessed.

We also got really lucky, we had a coupon for Build A Bear & they had their 30% off friends day! So we got our build a bear for pretty much nothing! Always a great score!

We enjoyed dinner together, when Zoie amazed us with her awesome chopstick skills!  We got a bath & used an awesome lavender bath bomb Zoie was given, that even had a gecko inside.

It’s great to have family time together, doing something everyone likes to do.  We don’t get to spend time together just the three of us,uninterrupted or when we have to go to work.  It’s pretty nice.

Now we are officially relaxing, everyone is snuggling & having a good time.  It’s about to be ice cream & movie time.  Hope everyone is enjoy their evening also.

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