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Family Cloth

One day I was on Pinterest reading Cloth Diaper articles & I came across an article about Family Cloth!  I was so confused and wanted to know more, so I clicked on the article. So what is family cloth?  Well instead of using toilet paper you just use reusable cloth wipes!  Since we already have a baby who uses cloth wipes and we are washing those every other day, why no just use them on the rest of the family?

But why switch?  Well for us the price really wasn’t the thing; we buy toilet paper once a year.  The Cottonelle Ultra 27 rolls, that would seriously last us the whole year.  We’re never home and none of us go to the bathroom that often.  The big decision for us to switch was really I, I have suffered from multiple UTIs, kidney infections, allergic reactions and other issues.  Just the stuff the put in tp is crazy, chemicals that cause so many issues.  Not only is that harming yourself, but then the environment!  Farms spray raw sewage on crops & growing up I’d always see wads of tp in the fields, so nasty.

We switched about a month and a half ago and I’ve had absolutely no issues.  It has been really nice!

What supplies do we use you ask?  Well we already have a lot of wipes from Zoie, but I purchased another 15 pack of Button Flannel Baby Wipes.  We have a total of almost 40 wipes for 3 people.  Then we have a medium Planet Wise wet bag that we throw soiled wipes in.  Then in case of needing a wet wipe, we have a small spray bottle from Target & a tray to put everything in.

We wash our wipes every other day with Zoie’s soiled wipes.  We just dump them in the wash with the wet bag & then when it’s all washed we just hang it up back on the TP holder in the bathroom, it dries really quickly.

How about when we go out?  Well in my purse I carry one small Planet Wise wet bag full of clean wipes & then an empty one for soiled wipes.  The wet bags come in so many different colors!!  Don’t worry the also keep the smell in if you are worried about that.

Also, don’t worry if you come to our house, we keep extra TP in the linen closet for guests, if you’re not feeling adventures.

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