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Family Car Necessity

Kids are messy, some how everything is sticky and everything has crumbs on it.  We tried the whole no letting Zoie eat in the car, but she always wants a snack. But most of the time the snacks end up in the carseat, on the floor and usually get stepped on or crushed somehow.

After countless quarters at the carwash & dragging the vacuum down to our car, I finally decided that it was time to buy a handheld vacuum for the car.  Luckily on Prime Day I purchased one on sale, The Black & Decker Cordless Hand Vac.  I wanted to purchases one that I could keep in the car and charge it, but they were much more expensive.  Also, the battery life is amazing and if I need to charge it in the car I do have one of those car inverter adaptors.

The hand vac works great and came with two add-ons to get into the crevices of the car.  Emptying is a breeze, push the button, dump and put back on.  If you have small children in your car I’d recommend getting one or even if you have pets.

I also used it in the house, as soon as I opened the box Zoie dumped a bag of chocolate chips on the floor.  It worked very well picking those up.  This makes me want to purchase a second one just for the house.  Especially since every time I vacuum Zoie decides it is a great idea to make another mess somewhere.

Family Car Necessity - Cordless Hand Vac |

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