Reusable products are becoming all the new in thing, from diapers to storage bags! Everyone is trying to lower his or her carbon footprints and save a little money along the way.  One online mom is here to help, with her eco-friendly fabric store FabricBunches.

I want to give you just a couple statistics on why you should purchase reusable items from FabricBunches.

The average adult uses 3,000 paper towels or 42 rolls, spending $50 on generic paper towels. Remember this is just for one adult, not a family of four. The average family of four uses 24,000 paper towels or 333 rolls. That is an astonishing $395.16 spent on paper towels for an average family of four in the United States. Now lets talk about reusable paper towels. FabricBunches sells a roll of 12 reusable paper towels for between $30 and $35; in just one year for one person you will save $15. Not only that, but these towels are much thicker and more absorbent so you will have to use less. Yes you still have to wash them, but you’ll already be washing towels and other laundry. Have a family of four, buy more than one roll buy three and you will still save your family $290.16! Seriously, how much could you do with $290.16 for a family of four! Not only will yourself some money, but also you will spice up your kitchen! The paper towels come in so many different designs! Don’t have a design you want, custom order a set! Not only can you get paper towels, but you can also order napkins! Save yourself or your family some money and look great doing it!

The average family of four uses 10 to 20 sandwich bags in one week, 384 bags in one week. You would need to buy three generic boxes of sandwich bags in one year costing you only $11.07, not much. The bigger picture with sandwich bags isn’t the cost; it’s the damage it does to our world. 85% of Americans do not know they can recycle plastic bags, so less than 2% will end up being reused. Instead these plastic bags end up in landfills and our oceans, taking up over 1,000 years to decompose. Animals see this plastic and get confused, thinking the pieces are food and end up sick or dead from eating plastic.   Make the switch today, from plastic sandwich bags to reusable adorable snack/sandwich bags today! Just like the paper towels, they come in many different designs & she also takes custom orders! We have about five around our house; we use them then just wash them with our dishes. These take less than three seconds to wash, they air dry and we use them again. One bag can make a huge difference today, head over to FabricBunches and make the switch today.

Enough crazy statistics for one day, FabricBunches is more than just a step in the right direction for the Earth. She makes parenting so much easier with her amazing fabric products. One of my favorite FabricBunches products, the washable placemat! My daughter makes a huge mess when we go out to eat, and the restaurant ones always fall apart when she gets it wet. This one is waterproof easy to clean and rolls up with a nice snap to put back in the diaper bag. She also makes great toy & sippy cup straps!! Attach one end to the item and the other to the highchair, cart cover, stroller, etc and never worry about your items falling on a dirty floor again!

Also, my favorite topic, are you a cloth diapering mom? Well you’re in luck, she makes zippered wet bags for when you’re out, large pail liners for home and cloth wipes!! I’ve been using her snack bags to store damp cloth wipes, for when we’re out and I’m in a hurry for a diaper change!

Right now FabricBunches Mom Jen is currently selling on Etsy where she takes custom orders. If you are in the Pittsburgh areas she does do local vendor shows, so keep a look out for her. Looking for the stores social media presents you can find her on Facebook @ Facebook.com/FabricBunches, where she shares new ideas and where she’ll be.

Oh yea and don’t forget about FabricBunches deals, buy three toy leashes and get a fourth one for FREE. Next time you need an idea for a baby shower or 1st birthday gift, check these out. Use coupon code Buzz15 to receive 15% off your next order, good until the end of June! Etsy.com/shop/FabricBunches.

In the end no matter if you’re a crunchy mom with cloth diapers or a new homeowner who is looking for something to spice up your kitchen, this store has all your eco-friendly fabric needs.  Head over to FabricBunches and place your order today!

Custom Hanging Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers

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  1. WOW! Thank you so much for such an awesome write-up! Please share with your readers: Use coupon code “Buzz15” to save 15% on purchases through the end of June!

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