Eye Appointment

Today Zoie-Lynne had her eye appointment at Rocky Mountain Eye Center.

She didn’t have an extra year duct, but something with a very long and complicated name. In short Zoie-Lynne had a clogged tear duct.

The doctor put her in this swaddler that was a board while a nurse held the board. Then he took this wire and poked it down her tear duct and the puss and gross stuff came oozing out. (I didn’t watch, I cried in the chair & James watched). It took less then 10 minutes. He put some antibiotics on and sent us home with some.

He said that there is a chance it might clog again, but he doesn’t know. If it keeps becoming clogged they would go in and slice a hole in the tear duct so it can drain itself.

She was a trooper!! She cried, as soon as he stopped poking her she stopped. I changed her diaper and she went to sleep.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t come back!!

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