ER Visit

Since last Thursday I’ve been having back pain, but it was only in my right middle back. I kept putting it off, thinking it was normal pregnancy pain.

Yesterday it progressed from the middle to the bottom & top of my back. I went to see Dr. Tanner. They did a urine sample & everything came back fine. He said just take some Tylenol, it was more then likely just pregnancy pains.

Today I woke up & I had some minor pain. I went to shower thinking a warm shower would help. I bent down to turn the shower on & my back started to really hurt. Then I got out of the shower & went to pick up my towel & all the sudden I was in serious pain. I kept thinking the pain was pregnancy pain, but it got to the point I couldn’t move. Then the pain moved to the side, front, down into my pelvis & into my arm. I started to get really light headed, dizzy and I threw up my water.

I had a call into Dr. Tanner’s office & they said get to the hospital. We made it to the hospital. They took urine sample & blood, all of that came back fine. Then they did a ultrasound of my kidneys & Zoie-Lynne. She is completely fine & growing at the right pace. My left kidney was fine, but my right kidney in the words of the nurse is an “Angry Kidney”. There could be two different things causing this kidney pain.

A. I have kidney stones, they cannot do a CT Scan because of all the radiation. They would end up giving me pain medication & hope it dissolves. Which it very well could be because I had kidney stones in high school, worst pain ever.

B. Between my uterus and/or Zoie-Lynne they are pushing on the tube of my kidney to my bladder causing blockage. Which is not very fun. Either it could eventually move itself or they could have to put a shunt in to keep it open and able to flow.

So with those two options I have to now see a urologist on Monday at 3:30 pm to look further into this issue. We will go from there.

I am currently having moderate pain, it’s not severe. They gave me pain medication & nausea medication. We will see how the rest of this weekend goes.

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