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Dye Free Products

Having a food allergy isn’t fun, especially when it’s a dye allergy.  Both Zoie & I have a red dye allergy, which surprisingly is in an abundant amount of items.

When Zoie eats an item with red food dye she develops a rash around her mouth and sometimes around her body.  Even red and purple paints have caused issues, where her hands start to swell and turn pink.  One day at school they were painting with purple paint and Zoie touched her back, she ended up with a red blotch and hives all over her back.  Even washing her hands with pink soap, she’ll develop a small rash on her hands.

Thankfully, in the past couple years a large number of products have been invented that are dye free!  Not all are the best, and some just are not very cheap.  But, with the trend of going back to natural ingredients they’re getting better.

Here are a couple of our favorite products we’ve used that we enjoy using and eating.

Yummy Earth

Every time we go anywhere, people have lollipops!  Most of the time they are cherry or grape, both have red food dye in them.  Also, they are full of random goo not really fit for human consumption.   Yummy Earth lollipops are dyed with vegetables & fruits, no artificial sugars and contain 100% of the necessary vitamin c!  Yummy Earth also has gummy worms, jelly beans, licorice and hard candies.  They are very reasonably priced at Target & Amazon.  But, remember just because it’s organic & made from natural ingredients, does not mean you should eat 20 lollipops in one sitting.  MODERATION.

Mom’s Best Cereals

For me I’ve always loved lucky charms, as a snack not a breakfast.  Also, I very much craved cereal when I was pregnant.  But, again I didn’t want fake preservatives, dyes, processed foods.  I came a crossed Mom’s Best Cereal while at Target one day.  Well let’s just say we go through about 10 boxes of Mom’s Best Cereal in a month, especially Mallow Oats!  The marshmallows are dyed with fruits and vegetables & full of whole grain.

Clif Kids ZBar

Sometimes we’re on the road and we just need a quick snack, something that will fill her up, but is healthy.  We have always been huge fans of Clif Bars, when we found Clif Kid ZBars we were super happy.  Especially their new Clif Kid ZBar Fruit & Veggie!  They are full of vitamins, nutrients a growing kid needs.  The best part, they are tasty and she always goes for them, even when she’s not in the mood to eat her dinner.

Zen Almond Milk Pudding

A lot of companies use red food dye in their chocolate pudding to make them more brown, and appealing to children.  Also, a lot of chocolate pudding contains no chocolate but a chocolate flavoring. In the past couple years, they’ve slowly started taking the dyes out.  But, we have found a healthier alternative that also has less sugar.  Zen Almond Milk Pudding, taste just like pudding and is made with real chocolate.

Honest Kids Juice

We go through gallons of juice in a week, on top of water & coconut water.  But, kids juice, full of sugar & tons of food dye.   Honest Kids Juice is pre-concentrated, no added sugar (fruit is sweet and sugary enough) & the juice is dyed with fruits and vegetables.  A lot of parents complain the juice isn’t flavorful enough and taste more like water.  Yes, it’s pre-concentrated with purified water.  Kids do not need 100% juice, the amount of sugar would send your kid into a sugar high!


When It comes to playing and being creative everything in the kid’s market is full of dyes!  Dyes that are actually harmful to your skin, animals and the water.  Zoie loves play dough, but again the red, blue and orange give her little hands a rash.  We were lucky enough to find Eco-Kid, a company that makes: crayons, dough, finger paint and egg dye. During Easter we used their dye kit, the colors came out very vibrant and Zoie was able to eat the eggs after.  Also, I didn’t have to worry about putting the water down the drain.

In the end making everything from scratch is always good, which we do try and do a lot of the times.  But, living an active busy life gets in the way.   Making baby food was simple; blend, steam, portion and freeze.  But, snacks and toddler meals have gotten much harder.  I’m thankful for the companies who are coming out with products that are dye free.

Dye Free Products | Baby Krompholz

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