Dr. Tanner Checkup

Today we had a checkup to make sure everything is going well.

I gained two pounds since last week, making me 142 lbs. He measured my belly & I’m the correct size for 30 weeks. Zoie-Lynne is healthy, with a heartbeat of 140. She is almost in the head down position, she’s at an angle right now, with her melon right above my right pelvic bone.

We went over the birth plan (I’ll post later) & he said it was all good & he could work with it. Which is great!! We just have to bring copies when I go into labor.

He also gave us a recommendation for a pediatrician, so we will setup an appointment to meet with her to make sure we like her & see what she is like.

We have another appointment on December 3rd at 4:15.

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