Doing Good

Zoie-Lynne is doing really well and very active.

She is getting so big and so much more fun that when we first brought her home.  She was pretty much just a blob who ate when she came home.

She is getting so pudgy, she kind of looks like Zoidberg from Futurma with all of her rolls.  She also is very VERY active & animated.

She will get up in the morning, eats, gets dressed & a nice layer of coconut oil applied to her super dry skin.  Thanks Utah dry air.  Then it is time to play.  She likes to lay on her playmat talk to her dangling toys.  Nana also bought her a mirror that she love to look at herself in.  She is also VERY VERY kicky.  She likes to kick the air all the time.  She has also found that she likes to chew on her fists, suck her thumbs & eat her shirts.  She still loves her pacifier, but she is starting to like her fist more.  Also, she likes being rocked in her new rocker.  Oh and she knows when you stop rocking her.

One of her favorite things to do is hold on to our hands and she will pull herself up to stand.  She is still very shaky, but she loves trying to stand.  She will stay up for awhile and then she’ll want to lay down.  Also, if you are holding her up and she is facing outwards (not towards someone) she sometimes will try and lift her leg to try and step forward, but she then stops because she can’t balance yet.

She still is also pushing herself up during tummy time & trying to push off to try and crawl, but nothing yet.  She just likes kicking those legs.  Along, with all ove that she is following very well.  If she is laying or sitting on someones lap she will look around and if someone or something is moving around she will follow them/it.

She also started using the two Fisher Price apps: Development with Contrast  & Soothing Sights & Songs.  She likes to follow them, she has yet figured out when you touch the screen things appear, I take her hand and hit it, but she hasn’t done it herself.  She does try and talk to them and laugh.

She also still enjoys her bathtime, loves the little shower head that came with her Summar tub.  She isn’t a huge fan of getting out of the bathtub yet, it is a little cold, or that she can’t play in the water.  She still is sleeping in her swaddlers, which were the most amazing baby invention ever.  She is still sleeping with a sound machine, she uses her portable one when we are out that my friend Shey bought her (click here).  But she has a new one for bedtime.  She has a SoundSpa Lullaby Sounds & Projection, that plays different sounds & then projects 1 of 3 discs on the ceiling.  She loves staring at them when we are cuddling, she likes to laugh and smile at them.

She is still sleeping almost completely thru the night only getting up once.  She has had a two or three nights where she wasn’t feeling to well and was up.  But she has been pretty good about sleeping thru the night.

She is just such a cute cuddly bug.  Her first major holiday is coming up, Easter and I can’t wait.  I bought her a very cool Easter Basket from the Etsy store HoopandStitch (click here to see or buy yours).  You can get a pattern one or a solid one, with ribbon, with a ribbon and bow or no ribbon or  bow.  She had so many different colors for the basket, ribbon & different fonts.  Zoie-Lynne got an aqua basket with a hot pink bow.  So excited!!  I can’t wait to buy teethers, pacifiers, clothes, etc to go in it.  I’m also going to start working on her Easter Card!  Yep super excited!!

I have had a couple people ask me what to get Zoie for Easter.  She really doesn’t need anything.  Teethers, bamboo inserts, diapers, pacifiers are always good.  She also has an Amazon list that has stuff from Amazon & Etsy, just click here.

All and all Zoie is doing REALLY good.  Always more pictures and updates coming.

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