Doctors Visit

Yesterday we made our way to the Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake to have Zoie-Lynne eye checked out.

We seen an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor by the name of Dr. Park. They looked up her nose & seen something, so they sent her to get a CT Scan.

She had to get an IV, which she did not like at all. But she took it like a champ!! Then the CT, which she was completely fine with because she was wrapped tightly in a blanket.

The CT Scan showed a blockage on the right side, which would be a the reason nothing is draining. He then stuck a tiny scope up her nose and we were able to see the blockage. Which Zoie-Lynne screamed for a couple seconds then went right to sleep.

Both Dr. Park & Dr. Peterson will go perform surgery on her Monday morning. Dr. Peterson will go in from her eye and Dr. Park from her nose and cut the area so it will be able to drain. She will be under anesthesia, the whole surgery should take less than 30 minutes.

Until then we just keep an eye on it & keep giving her antibiotics. She still looks like she was punched, poor baby. But it doesn’t seem to bother her & neither do the eye drops.

So we just wait until Monday.

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