Doctors Office Update

Yesterday we went to the doctors for a check-up.

I had to also had to have my blood taken for the gestational diabetes test. That drink taste like flat orange soda that has sat for about 5 years. He said if I don’t hear anything within 2 days I do not have gestational diabetes. If they call me I must come in for another test.

I also had my weight taken, I now weight 138, total weight gain of 13lbs. I should gain, I think he said, 3lbs every month after this. So, not to bad!! My hope is to then get all this weight off of me by lots of walking.

We also heard little Zoie-Lynne’s heartbeat, 160 BPM. He said it might be from the sugar that it was a little high, but still normal.

I have another apt in three weeks, November 19th. After that we will start every other week & then every week.

We also have our first Lamaze class next Thursday (November 7th). That will be a 4 week course. Then November 16th we have our all day birthing class.

27 weeks down 13 more weeks to go!! Then our little cupcake will be here.

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