Doctors Apts

Yesterday I had an apt with Dr. Tanner & today I had my Nephrostomy tube changed.

The doctors visit with Dr. Tanner went well. I now weight 147, so steadily gaining, hopefully not much more. I have a checkup in two weeks & then every Monday from then until she decides to come.

Today I was my three week change for my Nephrostomy tube, that was interesting. They just told me last night my surgery was scheduled from 1-2pm & to show up at fetal medicine before that. They are closed between 12-1. So we go there & I call the number on the website, to inform the surgery people I might be a bit late. The lady had no clue about anything, she said I was on a surgery list but didn’t know who was doing my surgery or what time or who to inform. So luckily I had a voicemail with a number and I let them know.

Zoie-Lynne was all fine and a good heartbeat, so we headed over to the surgery center. We got all checked in & about a couple hours later they took me back. Quick switch of the tubes & a nice bag of new supplies I was out. They took some vitals and we headed back over to fetal medicine. Zoie-Lynne was monitored and I was all checked out. We are all healthy and good. We finally got to leave around 6ish.

The next apt is scheduled for 1/10/13 for between 1-2pm. That will be a three weeks and a half. I won’t have to have another tube change, which is great. I’ll then get to get it out.

All good and we are healthy!! Such great visits.

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