Doctor Tanner Checkup

We had our two week checkup today, all was well.

I have not gained any weight, still 142. Zoie-Lynne heart rate was good, she was moving a lot, very kicky.

I had issues with acid reflux & was on Nexium and Prilosec since I was about 14. It hasn’t been to bad since I’ve been pregnant, until now. I’ve been staying away from triggers, cut out all acids, so no OJ anymore. I’ve been sleeping sitting up & staying upright all day. But I feel like I can breath fire. He said I could take tums, if to bad just take some Prilosec.

I also asked about taking cranberry pills. I’ve had some irritating peeing, so he said I could take them, it does help keep the bacteria down.

Last thing we asked about was birth control. I plan on getting the implant, because you can breastfeed with it. I wanted to know how long after I needed to get it done. He said my 6th week checkup I will be able to get the implant in. I don’t want to go back on the pill, that seriously was way to much work to take at the same time ever day & I was on the Depo before and going every three months wasn’t the best. The implant just stick it in and have it for 3 years. So that’s the plan.

Our next doctors appointment is December 17th. Everyday we are one step closer to meeting our little girl 🙂

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