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DIY Photo Booth 

Who doesn’t love putting on crazy accessories and striking up poses?! For this party renting a Photo Booth was just too expensive and we really don’t have a place to put one. So like usual I turned to Pinterest!!I found so many cool ideas, so I just mashed them all together for the party.

We wanted to do something fun, nothing too crazy and more importantly CHEAP. I hit the dollar tree with a budget!




  1. Open tablecloth and place in designated area
  2. Using the thumbtacks, attach tablecloth to the wall
  3. Blow up all balloons
  4. Take the string
    1. Measure going across how far you’d like the row of balloons, cut string
    2. Measure going down how far you’d like the row of balloons, do this for both sides
  5. Now on the one going across, make a loop on each end & then place the loops on each side to the thumbtacks
  6. The ones going down, make a loop on the one side of string, hang one on each side
  7. Now tie the balloons to the string, see picture below
  8. Now you have your backdrop for your photo booth!

The accessories, I really just went thru the Dollar Tree and found random things to fill a basket!

Then I just used an easel Zoie received for easter from IKEA to write the message!  This whole thing cost us under $10, I can’t wait to see the poses people strike up on Saturday!  Come back later to see pictures from the party 🙂

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