DIY Disinfecting Spray |

DIY Disinfecting Spray

With having a toddler everything somehow seems to be messy, sticky & covered in cheese! We would go thru the 105-count container of the Clorox wipes in three days! It seriously was getting expensive! Amazon Prime is cheap, but still! Finally, I said enough and decided to make my own disinfecting spray!

Not only was it getting expensive, but also my hands started getting sore, red and my cuticles were having problems.  So I decided to go with a Clorox free disinfecting spray.

Also, all the ingredients were cheap, can be purchased at target and we got 5% off with Cartwheel!


Fill the spray bottle with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice then fill the rest with water. Then just give it a small shake. Then you’re ready to go!

I purchased a pack of white washcloths & just use them to wipe up the mess! Once they’re all dirty and can’t be used again I just throw them in the wash!!

I’ve even used the spray to wipe the walls down, baseboards & the floor! Anywhere there is a mess and dust! It even works great to clean the shower! I’d recommend using different washcloths/rags for different areas! Also, wash them often, especially if anyone in your family is sick!

I really want to purchase a set of reusable paper towels from Fabric Bunches to use!

DIY Disinfecting Spray |

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