Daycare Incident

Today while playing at daycare Zoie threw up her lunch.

I received a hangout from James telling me to call the daycare, I instantly started to panic!! They called my iPhone but it was on do not disturb for some reason & I didn’t update my work phone number from 180Fusion to Brunner.

I called and she was okay, she was playing coughed a bit and out came sweet potatoes she had for lunch. But she was fine, giggling & have a fun time with the toys. She just needed to be washed off & new cloths.

We don’t have a pediatrician yet, we have a couple to call, but we were waiting until closer to her 6 month check up. So I called Dr. P’s office, since she is still Zoie’s doctor. The nurse said since she didn’t have a fever, no rash, is still eating & is happy nothing should be wrong. Just with the excitement of new food, daycare & moving it might all be a bit to much.

We need to take a break from foods, try again Thursday or Friday. If then she again starts throwing up then make an appointment for her to be seen right away.

But all & all Zoie is happy as could be. She had bath time, ate, played with toys, played in the water as I washed her new green sprouts baby food containers. She just finished eating again & is passed out.

Tomorrow is a new day for all of us to feel better.

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